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When you support Bricks to Bread you are helping a mother provide for her family. In Costa Rica opportunities for women to provide income for their families are limited, especially in rural communities. The global expansion of big agricultural businesses and farming is also forcing people out of their jobs. Building a brick oven means rural communities that don’t have access to fresh baked goods do and a family will have a way to send their kids to school, feed them, clothe them, and have a place to live.

Donation Levels

  • $50  Helps cover the cost of flour and other baking ingredients for one day of baking
  • $100 Offsets the start-up costs for new baking sheets, pans, and kitchen supplies
  • $250 Empowers a new oven recipient to visit and experience a brick oven in action
  • $500 Supports our peer-to-peer training: allowing an experienced baker to travel and train others

Sponsor a Build

Does your company or organization want to sponsor a build? Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an event, one of the below project expenses or the entire build.

  • Brick oven building costs, $3,500
  • Baking Materials and Supplies, $1,700
  • Gazebo painting and cement flooring, $1,400
  • Prepping and packaging location, $2,500
  • Business development and training, $1,600

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Change lives by providing a sustainable source of income for families in need.

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